Trailer Park Winds Blow Thru Fargo

TPB at the fabulous Fargo Theatre

TPB kickin it at the fabulous Fargo Theatre

I want to write a decent review of the Trailer Park Boys show in Fargo last night, but if I can’t smoke and swear, I won’t be able to properly express myself. I’ll try anyway. It shouldn’t be that hard. After all, I’ve got my grade 17.

The show was the first in the Boys’ Drunk, High and Unemployed tour and it was fabulous (insert other f words wherever it would make this more fun to read). It was just like watching an episode of TPB filmed live, with Bubbles’ big eyes so close I could almost reach out and touch the little bastards. In fact, they basically traded their camera crew and boom mikes for a handheld point-and-shoot for a do-it-yourself version of the TV show.

You could tell those in the crowd who aren’t quite addicted to the show yet by comments like “I couldn’t really understand what they were saying,” or “I don’t get it.”

But we true fans had a riot. We know there are real people behind the TP Boys, and that it’s all an act, but we don’t care. We love Ricky, Julian and Bubbles so much we’d probably get married by them; and by the way some of the girl groupies were acting, maybe even born their babies.

It was a great ride. Robb Wells tweeted today that they had major technical difficulties but from where I sat everything seemed to be coagulated gravy. The three of them shared the stage like pros and I felt like I was at a party with some good buddies. That could be because I was shouting at them a lot. It’s called audience participation, eh?

I’m still trying to wrap my brain thinkins around the fact that, at one point, audience members swarmed the stage to trade $10 bills with Julian for hotdogs. I’d say he pocketed a quick couple hundred without even really trying. But hey, they’re unemployed and on tour right? You can’t very well make a living as a dope dealer when you aren’t letting any grass grow under your feet.

The one slow spot for me was the pseudo-skyping of Mr. Lahey and Randy. I knew it was a rigged part of the show but still I waited for them to give a shout out to Fargo. Anyhoo, it was nice to see their drunk asses make an appearance.

Speaking of shout outs – thanks boys, for all the props to my hometown. Hope we treated you well. I heard you stopped in Sunday night to my good friend Bert’s liquor establishment, Dempsey’s. You can’t go wrong there. Next time, stop in at the visitor’s center and get your picture taken with that woodchipper you so lovingly talked about all night.

So these guys are traveling the country, filling venues with people who really just want to knock a couple back with them and act stupid for a bit. Can you say GOT IT MADE? I hope the real goofballs behind the coke bottle glasses, sexy muscle shirts and track pants are having as much fun as I did.

We’ll now return to our regularly scheduled programming.


About Yo Adrienne Olson

Yo Adrienne Olson is a Fargo girl, a blessed mom, a lucky wife, an innovative communications professional and a closet entrepreneur.
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4 Responses to Trailer Park Winds Blow Thru Fargo

  1. Daniel says:

    Actually, this is the second leg of a tour i saw them do last year. Down to the $10 hotdogs.

  2. ao says:

    Man i wished i could have been there. I love those guys! TPB come back i tell you….


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