Running for my life

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I ran today for the first time in four months. In my seventh month of pregnancy, I decided to take a little break from running until our bundle arrived. I knew I could and should keep exercising, but lugging around all that extra weight seemed like a great excuse to take it easy.

I knew I’d get back into it and today, as Ani is just over five weeks old, I dove. Two miles, with one short walking break. The first quarter mile felt amazing… my legs stretched ahead of me, my pony tail bounced… I’m sure I looked just like the amazon goddesses in the Scheels commercials. Then a few aches and pains set in. Luckily, having not had any real time to myself to think for the last month, my mind was racing so fast that it was way too busy to think about how much running sucks.

I expected to run out of breath. I expected my knees to get a little sore. What I didn’t expect was for my heart to hurt.

The day I stopped running, I was easily doing four miles with every confidence I could double it without too much trouble. Just four short months later, my heart has lost its stamina?! I don’t think I’ve ever physically felt my heart hurt before. I can’t imagine a better motivator to stay active. Until I look at my daughter…

Last summer my mom told me she’d been diagnosed with heart disease, the leading cause of death in the nation. Her doctor is treating it with better diet and better exercise – the way we should all be treating our precious lives.

I will run for my daughter. I will run for my son and husband and grandkids. I will run for the treasured time to think. I will run for my weekends snowboarding in the mountains and for the nights I close down the bar with my girlfriends on the dance floor. I will run for my mom and do what I can to encourage her healthy journey.

Here’s to all you mommies struggling to make time for exercise. Only you can make it a priority. Our children work our heart muscles every day of our lives, we need to too. The best thing we can do for our families is to be there, healthy, for a good long time.

I look just like ’em eh?


About Yo Adrienne Olson

Yo Adrienne Olson is a Fargo girl, a blessed mom, a lucky wife, an innovative communications professional and a closet entrepreneur.
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2 Responses to Running for my life

  1. Carrie says:

    Thanks for the reminder… most of us take our health for granted until we no longer have it. As a busy mom, it is sometimes hard to remember to take care of myself, but you are right, it is most important!


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