Confessions of a Half-Assed Social Networker

Social networking has been my ticket to getting paid to have fun. After more than a decade as a communications coordinator, it meant a leap from pushing one-way corporate messaging to diving head first into new technology, new friends and two-way conversations.

It felt pretty cool to lead the way, establishing a presence for our Chamber on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, before many people in my community knew what these sites were. Since then, I have assisted countless business members with doing the same, setting our organization up as a go-to marketing ‘expert.’

It’s not all about marketing… I’ve got myself in deep with the big three on a personal level as well. Friends encouraged me to jump on Foursquare, but I never desired to tell the internet where I am. Foursquare lives on and I haven’t felt a hole where my profile should be. All was still well in my social networking world.

When Google Wave invites went out to the world, sans me, I didn’t worry too much about it. The wave died, and social media was still fun.  Then came Klout. Again, I chose to let my twitter “experts” rack up their scores while I waited on the sidelines.

Wait now… what’s Spotify? You need “Klout” to get in on it? Hold up… Google + needs an invite too? Mine surely got lost in the mail.

I understand. Social networking is just like real life networking; you get out of it what you put in. So sitting on the sidelines means being left behind. But as my twitter feed fills up with exaltations of +1 and overflows of invites for everyone but me, I’m starting to feel like I’m back in my high school commons area, scoping out the cliques of kids to which I didn’t belong.

Dude, am I ugly? Maybe I need a more attractive avatar. Perhaps I need to declare my expertise in social media. Or maybe my social sharing is just plain boring.

Boy I tell you what… had this stuff been around five years ago, I’d have been the coolest kid in twitterville. My feed would be full of videos of me grinding rails on mountains all over the world and instagrams from every corner: the busiest intersection in Tokyo, a Ryokan in Incheon, the Moraki boulders of New Zealand, the North Shore of Hawaii, a beer tour of Germany… 

Alas, I’ve settled into domestic bliss and my tweets revolve around my life as a mom working for a chamber of commerce. A great life, but glamorous not so much. I’ll just focus on the fun between the tweets about everyone’s popularity quotient.

Have you kept up with all the networks? Any that are ‘must do’?






About Yo Adrienne Olson

Yo Adrienne Olson is a Fargo girl, a blessed mom, a lucky wife, an innovative communications professional and a closet entrepreneur.
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9 Responses to Confessions of a Half-Assed Social Networker

  1. Frank Kenny says:

    I have been using Google+ for awhile now. I don’t think it is going away. Especially when they allow business pages. The business pages will be tied to SEO and businesses will just have to be there for that reason alone.

    If you are looking for people to add to your circles, I am at


  2. CCarretero says:

    Too many things to keep up with, that’s for sure! I haven’t had the chance, nor desire to checkout G+, it doesn’t sound appealing to me, beginning with it’s horrible name!
    I like the way you wrote your post, made me chuckle! 😀

    • thanks for reading! if we can’t keep our humor about this stuff it can get pretty overwhelming fast. Sometimes I feel like my parents when I tried to convince them to get me a CD player. Don’t your tapes work just fine?! 🙂

    • If we can’t laugh about it, it might drive us crazy! I’ve already seen my friends start to bow out of Google plus so I’m going to wait a bit longer. I’m a minimalist so all these networks are making me twitch! Fun to read your stuff – thanks for connecting,

  3. Benny says:

    There are so many now but I just focus on mainly Twitter, then Facebook and will check out Google+. I already spend so much time on Twitter and Facebook so I don’t want to get sucked into more social media!

  4. Kilee Lu says:

    A newbie myself, I’m hearing love for Google+ & pinterest, praise for general management via HootSuite, and here’s a work-around on the Spotify invite (Here’s a link:
    Are there any Social Media networking groups that regularly meet in the FM area? If not, let’s start one & offer up some resource sharing or monthly meetings with info topics.
    I have a list of people (including myself) which would love to invite!

    • So shall we have a tweet up? Perhaps this fall when I’m back to work? I could use it as an excuse for a long breakfast meeting! Regardless if we connect in the twitterverse, I can’t wait to see you soon. Anali’s so big already, I need to show her off! Thanks for reading Kilee, you are such a great supporter,


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