Our Way to Wait… No Prep Required

Belly HugsI could go at any time.
I still have six weeks to go but I’m just days away from the milestone in my first pregnancy that marked the arrival of our little man. I don’t WANT to go yet, but I could… at any time. Plus, saying that to people let’s me smoke out other Gilbert Grape fans. Plus, now that I’m in-your-face pregnant, more people are asking about the magic due date.
More people are also giving lots of advice on what to expect from big brother as his world is invaded by a new baby. I guess we should be preparing him for his world to flip upside down.
My efforts so far have included pointing to my big belly and telling him there’s a baby in there. At almost 3, I think he grasps the concept. He’s pretty sure it’s a baby sister and he likes to share his toys by placing them on the bulge and waiting for them to get kicked off. He hugs and kisses the baby through my skin and occasionally claims there is a baby in his belly too.
But the advice goes beyond; covering things like getting him trained up on the potty before baby arrives, encouraging independence by playing with him less often, and the ultimate: breaking him of our co-dependent bedtime ritual of falling asleep together cuddling before I lumber back to my own room.
I have a different take on the blessing of family expansion. I’m going to maximize every day we still have where he is the most important little person in my whole world. We’ll dabble in potty training with no worries about baby’s timeline. I’m going to play with him MORE; as much as I can before baby. I’m going to cuddle him tight every night and hope that I can still do so when there are two to tend to.
I’m scared. What happens to this amazing bond we’ve formed that wraps us together so tight I’m not even sure how a new baby will break in? There’s obviously room in my heart and my life for as many children as I’m blessed with. However, I know things will be different. Just as blissful I’m sure… and different.


About Yo Adrienne Olson

Yo Adrienne Olson is a Fargo girl, a blessed mom, a lucky wife, an innovative communications professional and a closet entrepreneur.
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6 Responses to Our Way to Wait… No Prep Required

  1. jen says:

    That hug looks better than all the kisses you got last Wednesday.

  2. Siobhan says:

    You are going to be such an amazing mama of two!! Your heart will burst to twice its size the moment you see AA0 part deux! 😉 I miss you and wish we lived closer! 😦

    Thinking of you and praying for you to hold out for a couple more weeks at least and then a swift delivery when it happens!

    • Oh Siobhan – I wish we lived closer too! I feel like it’s been FOREVER and facebook does NOT cut it for keeping in touch! I need a summertime downtown walk to get an ice cream cone with you. Thanks for the note and for reading!! It looks like you are constantly surrounded by beautiful children 🙂 We are blessed eh?

  3. Daina Penny says:

    Adrienne, I say take in all the time you can with your little guy but yes he will definitely have to adjust to Mommy turning into a milk machine! That was the hardest thing for Ashlyn was wanting me to hold her when I was nursing or when Andrew got older, I used to put cartoons on for her while I took him into the nursery to feed him, otherwise it was too distracting for Andrew. I can definitely tell you she loves her little brother and if even more excited for another baby to grace our home, she still hopes it’s a baby girl but has told me she will be happy with a girl OR a boy : ) But I do feel like I need to cherish every “baby moment” I have with Andrew because he will become the dreaded “middle child” and my sister has freaked me out by feeling so sorry for me and telling me not to forget about him : ( So I will do everything in my power not to! Everything will be just fine–you’ll be amazed how you can instantly share all your love with 2 children! Can’t wait to hear the news!!

    • I was so thrilled to hear you’re having number three! Remember that night we went to the techno concert and we talked about having babies? That feels like it just happened and here we are about to have five between us! I watch my sister make sure she does something special every once in awhile with each of her three kids, just one-on-one, and want to do the same. I see how great it is for the kids – they love it and feel very special when it’s their turn. Sometimes, when life is so good, you just can’t imagine how it could get better – but I know that every new baby DOES make it better. Thank you for reading my stuff! I love hearing that other moms have the same kind of feelings. Congrats to all of you!


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