I Heart Summer in Downtown Fargo

...downtown, baby!This summer, Thursday night = Downtown, baby!

Fargo Brewing logoIt’s gonna be a killer summer. This baby will be born and I’ll be trying the craft beers from the Fargo Brewing Company for the first time! Soooo ready…

Downtown shopping rules and I’ve learned that several stores will open extended hours on Thursday nights, including my personal favorite: c.lizzy’s! If you haven’t been there (410 Broadway), it’s metal art and it’s gorgeous!

I love the solid strength and endurance of metal. The ladies at c.lizzy’s have a talent for Tree Tops by Liz Wahlbergturning it into edgy works of art. They also have a line of metal jewelry and wine trinkets for the more feminine art lover. Let’s face it: you HAVE to respect ladies with blow torches!

Three dates are set for Corks & Canvas Art and Wine Walks: June 9, July 21 and August 11. Downtown artists and galleries will welcome you to experience their collections, and a $10 wristband will cover you for wine sampling and treats at enough stops to leave you fat and happy.

June 2 marks the kick off of Cruise Nights on Broadway. The first Thursday night from June through September, Broadway will transform into a sea of muscle cars, hot rods, antiques and classic rides. I love me a ’67 Ford Mustang. And any self-respecting Back to the Future fan needs to show to see the Delorean that has been known to make appearances.

So you’ve done your shopping, eating, cruising… Cap off your night at my favorite pub Dempsey’s Public House, which just happens to have been born on my 30th birthday, so we’re fated to be together forever. They’ve got a killer tap selection, all the bartenders can draw the fancy shamrock in your Guinness, and you can calm your late night Chicago Dog craving because they serve Bertrosa’s food all night! Find owners Bert and Lisa Meyers and tell them Yo sentchya.Bert and Lisa Meyers

Of course the Downtown Street Fair is an iconic summer event in Fargo. This year, mark your calendar for July 14-16. My friend Jed Pahan of the Downtown Community Partnership says downtown’s gonna be kicking this summer – everything’s been amped up!

Sooo ready… Now, someone let summer know it’s ok to come out in Fargo!


About Yo Adrienne Olson

Yo Adrienne Olson is a Fargo girl, a blessed mom, a lucky wife, an innovative communications professional and a closet entrepreneur.
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