North Dakota Headlines WSJ and USA Today

My great home state of North Dakota made national headlines last week.

Why North Dakota Is Booming, Wall Street Journal
“Oil also is the principal reason North Dakota enjoys arguably the best fiscal situation in all the states. North Dakota, however, is no one-note Prairie sheikdom. North Dakota now outperforms the nation in everything from the percentage of college graduates under the age of 45 to per-capita numbers of engineering and science graduates.”
Joel Kotkin is executive editor of This piece originally appeared in the Wall Street Journal.

North Dakota economy booms, population soars, USA Today

North Dakota, the state with the nation’s lowest unemployment rate, capped a decade of economic prosperity with dramatic population growth in its biggest cities. The superstar of North Dakota is its economy. North Dakota is enjoying an oil boom in the western part of the state, drawing workers from across the country [and] is one of the few states to add manufacturing jobs over the decade.
By Dennis Cauchon for USA TODAY

These articles are especially exciting for The Chamber, as we took the opportunity to introduce Joel Kotkin to Chamber members in January as our keynote speaker of the 2011 Economic Outlook Forum. Kotkin received rave reviews from event attendees and shared in-depth insight into how our region can build on its economic momentum. He calls out the successes of such Chamber-members as Microsoft, Packet Digital LLC, Aldevron, LLC, and Kadrmas, Lee & Jackson, Inc.

Mr. Cauchon’s USA Today piece describes the population growth of Fargo and West Fargo and features Chamber-members Hotel Donaldson and Bobcat Company.

Both attribute our economic strength to high levels of education and diversified industries. And the best part? Neither so much as mentions the word ‘flood.’

Want more? Check out this great post from North Dakota Ambassador, detailing North Dakota by the numbers!


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Yo Adrienne Olson is a Fargo girl, a blessed mom, a lucky wife, an innovative communications professional and a closet entrepreneur.
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