18 again

I’m spending the weekend with my 18-year-old brother-in-law. Did you know that Angelina Jolie has gotten to be a ‘miler?’ Apparently, she only looks good from a mile away. And in his 18-year-old opinion, the hottest actresses in the world are the Jessicas: Alba and Biel. Don’t even bring up Simpson.

Find a young person (subjective I know, but let’s say under 21) and swap set lists. I forgot how much new music takes your mind in new directions. I follow a few young people on Twitter. I don’t know them from Adam but I’m fascinated by what fascinates them and how they share their discoveries with the world. Warning: the mother in me knee-jerks every time one of their status updates is a four-letter word. But beyond that, if you can stomach it, it’s a direct line into the psyche of today’s youth, as long as they don’t know you’re listening: which they obviously don’t.


About Yo Adrienne Olson

Yo Adrienne Olson is a Fargo girl, a blessed mom, a lucky wife, an innovative communications professional and a closet entrepreneur.
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1 Response to 18 again

  1. bline22 says:

    I admit i learned a few things too this weekend. Good times good times. To better snow next year!!!! Not to mention you bums that didn’t come better come next year.


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