The Mommy Milestones

As you enter the new world of mommy-hood, your days are sure to be filled with milestone checks for your new miracle. Has he smiled yet? Is she sleeping through the night? Can he count to 10 in Mandarin Chinese?

Let’s take a moment to give props to another important list of checkpoints: the Mommy Milestones.

Baby wears the diapers in this hiz-ouse.
Uncouth and uncomfortable as it may be, we might as well admit that mommy will wear diapers for awhile, too. After all, who would anticipate the first time your family and friends visit the baby while you look on, decked out in a gown and other hospital-issued fashion statements. We could break this down into sub-milestones; ice packs, tucks, cooling pain spray, etc., but we’ll leave that for another day.

Tracking baby’s weight is more important than mom’s.
You’ve spent months watching the scale, reminding yourself that pregnancy weight gain is healthy weight gain. In a single heartbeat, grudgingly tracking your weight is replaced with cheering for every ounce baby gains. Rolls are squeezable; dimples adorable; chubby legs irresistible. Before you transition into the milestone of “first exercise attempt,” take some time to revel in the joy of your fat, healthy baby.

Baby lost all his hair, but you didn’t.
At some point in your pregnancy, you read online or heard from a well-meaning sister-in-law, that after baby, you’d lose your hair. And it came in the form of an “enjoy it now” kind of threat, didn’t it? What could strike more fear into the heart of a self-respecting woman who’s lost darn near all control over her own appearance? But one day, you realize, the drama was for naught, and you won’t need to invest in Nioxin just yet.

While we’re at it, let’s throw in returning to a regular shower schedule, applying make-up and realizing you haven’t forgotten how, and all the other self-care tasks you do eventually return to.

Ah sleep.
There are many mini-milestones built into this one. Have you had your first four-hour chunk of uninterrupted sleep? Have you slept in your own bed? Have you snuggled up to baby’s daddy? And sleep is such a hazy term. New moms redefine what it means to get a good night’s sleep on a fairly consistent basis.

You are good enough, and doggonit, baby likes you.
Another milestone day is the day you realize it’s been days since you’ve been filled with self-doubt over your new awesome responsibilities. When did you get so comfortable taking a rectal temperature, clipping those tiny fingernails and, yes, venturing beyond the big blue rocking chair with your little bundle of joy? You’ve arrived mommy. Now go enjoy the rest of the ride.


About Yo Adrienne Olson

Yo Adrienne Olson is a Fargo girl, a blessed mom, a lucky wife, an innovative communications professional and a closet entrepreneur.
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  1. bline22 says:

    You hit er on the head. I like it!!! I have you added to my favs now keep em comin!


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